About Me

Hi, there! It’s Stephanie here. Nice to meet you.

This blog is mostly just a place for me to set my thoughts free, to release my pent-up feelings that I feel wouldn’t exactly be appropriate, per se, to unleash upon my fellow human beings whenever I feel like it. Perhaps some posts will even be relatable. Maybe others will make you smile. And still others might bring you great inspiration in life, a sudden epiphany aroused from the words plastered across these pages. Or not.

Just a little warning: do not be surprised if you happen to encounter any brash language here. I would think that you should expect just as much from a so-called “normal” high school teenage girl trying to find a social outlet.

I guess I’ve completely nullified the purpose of an “About Me” page. Whoops. But you know teenager minds… always wandering here and there, around and around until we’re so lost that we need to call someone find us. Just like when we were little kids at the mall.

Oops, I did it again (Britney Spears, anyone?). My deep apologies. Now getting to the point, then. A little about me…

I love, love, love writing (though I admit I’m not too great at it). Sometimes, I’ll tell myself that I’m “just taking a five-minute break from homework” and start working on my latest novel, or short story, or whatever. And then, bam!, two hours lost. Oh, the high school life. Procrastination, procrastination, procrastination.

I’m really into science, too. Especially biology. Sometimes, I can go a few hours straight just jumping from one Wikipedia page to the next on various bodily ailments. One moment it’s Parkinson’s disease, and then somehow, I’m on the page about the Jumping Frenchmen of Maine the next. It is a beautiful way to waste time, and, along with writing, it is a lovely excuse I like to use for putting off doing homework. (Procrastination, remember?)

Now, that isn’t to say I’m a terrible student. Not at all. It’s just that sometimes the not-so-good-student in me takes over for a while.

Well, I hope that’s enough to start out with. I don’t know, this blogging stuff is all kind of new to me. (Suggestions and helpful tips would be nice.) Thanks for visiting!


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