Writer’s Block

So, I told myself that I would not use my blog as a place to rant my heart out; instead, I promised that I would simply use it as a place to gently express the pent-up feelings that I cannot otherwise do so in my every day life. And now, only a few weeks upon beginning my writing here, I’m already going to break that promise.

Because holy freaking @!#$ How annoying is it when it’s been, like, a week, and you still haven’t written anything decent? I know, I know, everyone gets writer’s block, as I’ve been told countless of times. Still doesn’t make me feel any better, though.

I hate the feeling of opening up my laptop and going to a fresh new Word document, and then having my mind go as blank as the page in front of me. There’s just this complete sense of empty blackness, like I’m being sucked into a black hole or something. And the harder I try to think, the deeper I’m being dragged in, farther and farther away from the Land of Creativity. But the worst thing of all is, as I’m going down, I get the feeling that I’ll never be able to claw my way back out again. Well, until the epiphany hits. But those are so rare that for the majority of the time, I am wallowing in the despair of Having Writer’s Block.

And as a result of this highly debilitating condition, I have not been able to crank out anything decent for the past week, be it for an English essay (which is due on Friday, unfortunately) or just for fun. And I just can’t deal with that. Sometimes I get so mad when I can’t think of anything to write, since I know I can do it, but I just can’t at the moment. It’s kind of like during a calculus test, when you know how to do a problem (as in, you’ve seen it before and done practice on it and everything) but you just don’t know how to do it right there and then.

Well, I guess that’s that, then. This, in no way, serves as a substitute for a regular post, but I was hoping that by ranting my heart out, the Land of Creativity would somehow find the kindness to grant me a fresh thinking cap. Or not. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for listening.